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Deliver Exceptional Fintech Customer Experiences 24*7 with powerADA

powerADA is the perfect platform to build Fintech Advanced Digital Assistant for your business. With powerADA, you can provide all your services on the channels your customers utilize, including lending services, digital currencies, e-wallets, and personal finance.

Fintech Smart Skills

Build your Fintech Advanced Digital Assistant in no time

We’ve helped Fintech brands build Advanced Digital Assistant to solve numerous customer use-cases. Our extensive industry expertise has created a library of pre-built conversational workflows to help develop your Fintech Assistant quickly.

These “Smart Skills” enable your organization to go live in just a few weeks.
Some popular use-cases are:

Verify account and Know Your Customer (KYC)

Let customers check, add, or update account and KYC information in real-time

Get fund details and recommendations

Educate users about investment options, step-by-step trading process, finance tips & more

Book calls with a finance consultant

Collect required information from the user and connect them to the right agent based on needs

Invest or Withdraw funds

Allow customers to make transactions with their funds

Fintech Advanced Digital Assistant can assist your customers with their goals and drive growth at every stage

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