UAE’s Ministry Is Building Up A Virtual World In Reality

Recently Dubai was ranked as 5th for most digitalized city in the world. This dynamic technology is bringing new updates every day. Virtual reality and metaverse are quiet similar things but still differ from each other. Now a days every nation on this planet is behind advancing the country with technological developments. Virtual reality is the future of business. We don’t know, but definitely without travelling to another country we could be present physically in another country using VR technology.  All of these things apart what things does UAE’s ministry have in their store? Read the blog to know more.

What plans does UAE ministry has?

During the project launch at Museum of the future in Dubai, UAE’s ministry announced that they are creating a shop in metaverse where visitors will be able to enjoy their own time in virtual reality by playing various games, do some important work or even play. Equipment required for experiencing virtual reality are in demand for which UAE’s ministry is ready to sign agreements. Further clarification about this project is yet to be disclosed.


Technology is shaping the world in better way. Things which were not possible in traditional days are not easy to do. Technology is not only bringing virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse but also other sectors such as healthcare, marketing, IT, construction are being benefited. Recently at one program at US, for the first time ever a flying car was introduced. Who knows, in future even the reality of the world can be changed in the pixels just like cartoons or people could simply time travel!

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