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Petrocoat specialises in a wide range of industrial flooring applications by using Epoxy, Polyurethane, MMA, Polyaspartic, and Cementitious materials of leading construction chemicals manufacturers with a wide variety of industrial uses, e.g. in-plant transportation routes, storage areas, floors in workshops, industrial premises, laboratories, electrical substations. In addition to adequate bearing strength, abrasion resistance, and the best possible characteristics with regard to cleaning and maintenance.

Petrocoat undertakes special properties that are demanded of industrial floors. Depending on the type of service, e.g. an extremely level and flat surface in computer-controlled high-racking warehouses, resistance to various chemicals and solvents in production halls, laboratories, or tank farms, electrical conductivity in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere or freedom from pores in clean rooms, typical in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries context.

Cementitious Polyurethane Screed

Petrocoat specialises in application of cementitious Polyurethane flooring designed for all food industry, Pharma and sub stations where thermal shock, high abrasion and high temperature-anticipated resistance, Our active collaboration with all world-renowned manufactures, such as M/s BASF, M/s Sika, M/s Flowcrete, M/s Fosroc, M/s Viacor and M/s Mapei works well to significantly ensure higher degree of client satisfaction.

Cementitious Screed

Petrocoat specialises in application of Polymer modified cementitious Screed   designed for all industries, commercial and infrastructure projects whether it is new or refurbishment projects , Our active collaboration with all world-renowned manufactures, such as M/s Conimx , M/s BASF, M/s Sika, M/s Weber, M/s Mapei M/s Matex works well to significantly ensure higher degree of client satisfaction.

Petrocoat will design the screed as per customer requirement based on following  type, depending on stratigraphic layout:

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Bonded screeds : A bonded screed acts integrally with the base slab and all the forces acting on the screed are transmitted via the bond to the base slab. A good bond is essential, particularly around the edges of the screed to help resist internal drying forces which can cause cracking.

Unbonded screeds: Unbonded screeds are used either to install a damp proof membrane (dpm) between the base slab and the screed or where the base slab surface is unsuitable for a bonded screed due to problems such as chemical contamination. They need to be thicker because they need to be strong enough to resist certain forces

Floating screeds : Floating screeds are those which rest directly onto thermal or acoustic insulation. Because the insulation is compressible, these screeds have to act in semi structural mode as they have to distribute any loads and forces applied to their surface over as wide an area as possible.

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Antistatic Flooring

Petrocoat offers application services to various manufacturers wherein antistatic flooring is of paramount importance, especially in the electronic, printing, healthcare and hospitals, process-sensitive, and airline industries.

MMA Flooring

For various industrial requirements and closely associated with M/s Silikal and M/s Flowcrete etc

Polyaspartic Flooring

Supply and application services for poly aspartic flooring in various fast turnaround industrial flooring requirements and associated with M/s Latecrete, M/s Stoncor, and M/s BASF.

Epoxy Screed

Petrocoat offers supply and application services for Epoxy screed application for various industrial, substations requirements along with Epoxy and PU scratch resistance topcoats.

PU Self-levelling

Petrocoat offers PU self-leveling supply and application matte and glossy finish based on customer requirements. Polyurethane self-leveling is mostly used for wide industrial applications such as showrooms, and process industries where the flexibility factor is vital.

Epoxy Self-levelling

Petrocoat specializes in Epoxy self-leveling to cater to various industrial requirements: Food, pharma, and automobile industries. Our association with world-class construction chemical manufacturers like M/s BASF, M/s Sika, M/s Flowcrete, M/s Fosroc, M/s MAPEI, etc., facilitates a certain enabler of excellence in this domain.

Sports Flooring

Petrocoat specialises in sports flooring solutions that meet the need of all sports & games, and recreation requirements ranging from weather sports pitches and multi-use games areas.

Stonemix Finishes (Elastopave)

Petrocoat offerings include specialised eco-friendly stone mix finishes using polyurethane resins with crushed decorative stones, which yield strong water and air-permeable surface widely used in garden driveways, garden designs, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, patios, etc.


Petrocoat offers a wide range of surface preparation and protective coating application for manufacturing and processing plants, marine structures, petrochemical refineries, and all commercial and industrial operations.

Our quality protective and industrial coatings solutions are ideal for bridges, tanks, tunnels, silos, jetties, reservoirs, sewers, and car parking.


As part of our complete service, we provide surface preparation using high-pressure water jetting, abrasive grit blasting, or a combination of both.

Petrocoat can provide cost-effective removal of surface contamination and corrosion in industrial and marine environments, and aggregate removal and reinforcing exposure for repairs and new applications.

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The petrocoat expert team specialises in the application of polymer-modified waterproofing application (WRAS certified), cementitious crystalline waterproofing, liquid applied bitumen waterproofing. Polyurethane waterproofing to concrete substrates, above-grade or below-grade, on the either dry or wet side of substrates such as water tanks, reservoirs, bathrooms, and laundries.

Acrylic Waterproofing

Application in eco-friendly liquid-applied UV stable acrylic waterproof protection for flat and pitched roofs, corrugated metal sheets, roof skylights, and gutters.

Cold Applied Self-adhesive Bitumen Membrane

Application services and specialised technical support for cold-applied self-adhesive sheet membrane installation for building and civil engineering structures.

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Polyurea Coating

Specialised fast-setting environment-friendly pure polyurea elastomeric waterproof coating application for building and civil engineering structures and steel structures.

Rooftop waterproofing

Rooftop waterproofing specialized services using PU /acrylic membranes along with polypropylene mesh, catering to various rooftop waterproofing requirements for concrete structures


Petrocoat adopts the latest technology in the use of standard non-shrink engineering grouts as well as more sophisticated grouting materials for specialised installations, such as:

  • Base plate Grouting
  • Cracks and Voids


Application of sealants to internal and external construction joints is another specialised activity at Petrocoat. Sealant installations are developed for mechanical loading, chemical and UV resistance, and flexible and rigid requirements.


  • Bridge joints
  • Concrete joints
  • Construction joints
  • Panel joints
  • Windows/doors


Petrocoat takes pride in delighting its customers with innumerable options to choose from. In order to achieve an elegant feel, Stone Carpet flooring could be a fascinating bet! It is an all-natural, extremely durable, slip-resistant, and seamless flooring alternative. A resin-bound system, a mix of natural mineral aggregate, such as marble and granite chips with UV-stable polyurethane resin binder directly laid to an asphalt or concrete flooring.

Untitled design ...

Our quality Stone Carpet solutions are ideal for landscaping, swimming pool decks, pathways, and walkways around the private villa, golf clubs, schools, hotels, etc.


Micro Topping

Providing a series of polymer-modified cementitious coating designed to change plain concrete into a decorative, durable, and textured finish.

Decorative Micro Topping can be installed in a variety of structures including driveways, walkways, stairs, pool decks, and interior / exterior in both commercial and residential environments.

Micro Topping is an ideal solution to coat almost any surface, vertical or horizontal. It is resistant to the most aggressive weather conditions and renowned for ductility. The resultant presentation along with the concrete effect provides for a velvety and tactile output.

Projects well executed!




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