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Energy Monitoring Devices

Petrocoat is well-versed in the installation of energy monitoring devices. We offer expert consulting services and solutions to our clients for optimum utilization of energy as well as environment-friendly green options to power their operations.

A built-in web server allows EMS devices to display real-time and historical data. Any device with a browser (smartphone, tablet, PC) can access the web interface. Checking specific equipment is easy with this tool.

PC-based software: The Energy Brain software integrates all the data coming from the devices in the field. The measurements are correlated in order to detect trends and compare performances.

Cloud Platform: The cloud platform enables users to publish customized dashboards on the web that help them follow the components/systems that are most relevant to them.

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Variable Frequency Drive

The Variable Frequency Drive is used for controlling the speed of the motor and is used in all kinds of industrial applications. We provide Startup and Commissioning of all brand VFDs and Soft Starters.

Without preventive maintenance, the probability of VFD failure increases drastically. The most common failures are component aging or operational conditions, such as varying ambient temperature, high humidity, and excessive and heavy loads. Signs of these failures typically start showing up after 5 to 10 years of operation.

A regular preventive maintenance program of VFDs throughout their lifetime is an absolute requirement to ensure maximum availability and minimum unplanned repair costs. With apt and timely preventive maintenance, the reliability of VFDs can be ensured and their lifetime extended.

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Capacitor Bank

You might have a capacitor bank correction unit up and running; the power factor is well maintained, but how are you going to ensure that this will continue as the years roll on? The main killer impediment of the capacitor is heating.

A standard capacitor bank with a detuned reactor will generate 10 watts of heat per kVAR. So, you have heat dissipation equivalent to a domestic electric heater being generated within an enclosure. It is obvious that if this heat is not removed then problems will eventually occur.

Capacitor performance can be easily monitored by measuring the current drawn. When the power factor correction unit is fully functional, measure the current drawn and note it down for future reference.

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Retrofitting and Refurbishment of LV Switchgear System

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. We understand that your control system may not be in great working order. We can upgrade your system and retrofit the latest technology and equipment to your existing system.

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Thermography Study

Infrared thermography is a test that can be utilized to identify unbalanced loads, poor connections, deteriorated insulation, or any other issues in energized electrical panels or components without dismantling the components.
These problems may lead to excess power use, increased maintenance costs, or catastrophic equipment failure resulting in unscheduled service interruptions, equipment damage, or other problems. The benefits of doing Thermography testing include the…

  1. Determines if the components and system have been professionally installed and are not damaged
  2. Reduces risk of equipment failure
  3. Increases safety
  4. Improves insurability
  5. Reduces liability exposure of the designers and installers
  6. Improves system performance

Starter and its Types

PETROCOAT Group’s expertise, besides other technical offerings, supplies and assembles all types of starter control panels like direct online, star delta, soft starter, CFD, and PLC control panels. Control panels are manufactured and tested in our facility with our quality policy and in-house testing procedure which ensure the readiness of a fully functional control system to meet the client’s critical requirement for hassle-free factory testing efficiently. Metering Solution- PETROCOAT Group expert team specializes in the supply and installing EMS devices and can be equipped with a built-in web server displaying real-time and historical data. The web interface can be browsed from any device with a browser (smartphone, tablet, PC) locally or remotely. It is a useful and flexible tool for specific equipment checking.

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ACB repair and services

We undertake all types of air circuit breaker and molded case circuit breaker repair and services. Air Circuit Breaker Repair Services provide a safety mechanism. Breakers that trip on a regular basis indicate a problem with the power supply or the breaker itself. Without circuit breakers, your company will be unable to distribute power throughout the building. As a result, a faulty circuit breaker must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid lost work and productivity.

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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Good maintenance practice is important for any industry to improve the life and performance of systems as well as to avoid any unexpected shutdown which causes an adverse impact on operational efficiency and production. PLC / SCADA systems form the heart of the process and their periodic maintenance is the vital factor for continuous process operations and preventing/minimising the shutdown duration.

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With the backdrop of experienced professionals, Petrocoat Group supports its clients with “Annual Maintenance Services of PLC & SCADA Systems” with a customised schedule as per client needs. Our maintenance programs can ensure:

  1. Scheduled preventive maintenance
  2. Emergency support when needed
  3. Availability of Expert Engineers
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Turnkey Solutions

PETROCOAT Group expert team can provide turnkey solutions of “Electrical Automation” for various industrial segments such as oil & gas, chemical and paramedical, food & beverage, water & wastewater, HVAC, and other sectors. The collective experience that we have acquired in the process industry together with industrial automation helps us to deliver tailor-made solutions as per client needs. Our solutions include…

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Design & Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, and Engineering services for automation, cabling, installation, testing, commissioning, and documentation.

Industrial Automation – high-end automation solutions together with installation and cabling works.

Process Instrumentation – design, supply, installation, calibration, and integration of process instruments.

Testing & Commissioning

Projects well executed!




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