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  • Low fulfillment of Omnichannel orders
  • Low order acceptance at stores
  • Cost of higher safety stock
  • Inability to locate the right product
  • Order fulfillment time of 24 to 48Hrs
  • Unhappy customers due to delays in deliveries and order cancellations by retailers


  • Accurate visibility and control over the stock across the retail supply chain
  • Ability to locate the right products in a timely and effective manner
  • Increase in order acceptance and fulfillment rates
  • Enriched customer experience
  • Faster order fulfillment and dispatch


Integrated i-TEK Retail RFID Platform provides inventory accuracy of more than 99%. It captures the end-to-end journey of the tagged and encoded objects through serialization and provides unified visibility

When seamlessly integrated with Order Management System, retailers can give enrich the customer buying experience by providing them with advanced omnichannel competencies like BOPIS, BORIS, Ship to Store, and Ship from Store.


  • Real-time accurate inventory visibility
  • Close to 100% order acknowledgment and fulfilment rates
  • Nearly 0% order rejection
  • A fully RFID-enabled retail chain, saw an 85% increase in BOPIS and Ship from Store
  • Eliminating the need for safety stock leads to huge cost savings which in turn leads to RoI realization
  • 20% increase in RoI due to enhanced omnichannel experience with BOPIS, BORIS, Ship to Store, and Ship from Store.
  • 98% reduction in the time and efforts of searching and locating the right product

Real-time tracking of inventory in the warehouse, in transit and in-store.

Reduction in time checking, counting and logging product at all levels of the supply chain will deliver great savings.

Increase asset visibility, Inventory accuracy is even more valuable in an inventory management environment.

The ability to accurately know what you have and where will reduce safety stock, enable better timing of replenishment and give better data on where to forecast future demand.

In-store Improve employee productivity.

RFID reduces the time spent by employees on their daily in-store operations. This saved time can help in incremental sales through client tailing, personalized sales, running campaigns, spending more time on adherence to visual merchandising, customer experience, etc.

Easy access to fresh category data.

In the chilled environment, the ability to not only know what inventory you have on the shelf but also the expiration date and shelf life remaining would revolutionize inventory management in what’s one of the most expensive sectors to operate.



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