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Digital Marketing

Courses In Pune

Looking for an industry that offers multiple career paths with unending opportunities? Well, then Digital Marketing Courses in Pune is the right choice for you.

  • What’s there for the job seekers?

    You can expect practical and working knowledge of high in demand skills and techniques like SEO, PPC advertising, SMM etc., as a part of our Digital Marketing Courses in Pune with Placement. Learning such multiple skills will help you grow as an expert professional – right from the start! After completing this course, you will become project ready and get the confidence to work on various Digital Marketing projects in a performance driven manner. Both on your own, or as a part of a team.

  • What’s there for those interested in a freelancing career?

    Freelancing is a good option for additional income or even as a full-fledged career. It provides benefits like freedom and flexibility of work. Freelancers make a good amount of money these days. In this course, trainees will get to learn freelancing project management and execution specific skills in addition to the digital marketing concepts. We are a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune that offers a chance to work on live projects. The best way to become ready for a successful freelancing career!

  • What’s there for those who want to start their own business?

    In these times where everything is online, it is digital marketing that drives business growth. Being a cost effective technique, it promises higher ROI. Better penetration and customer reach is facilitated. It helps in building brand credibility and positive reputation. Digital marketing is known to increase sales and bring in higher revenue. It’s high time you learn the art by joining our top Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. Nothing like being self-employed!!!

  • What’s there for the skill development aspirants?

    Having digital marketing specific skills has become the key for growth and progress in your existing field as well. It will help you stand out from your fellow professionals. Your chance to ask for that extra hike! Thanks to the present times where businesses are running online. So, our best digital marketing courses in Pune with placement provide a chance to develop performance driven practical digital marketing skills. Don’t miss out on it….

A number of our passed out students have written their success stories across different career paths in digital marketing. What are you waiting for? Apply Now!

One of the few fields that offers a choice of different career paths like employment, entrepreneurship and freelancing. It’s just that you need to have the right kind of practical skill-set. Top recruiters and industry experts confirm that aspirants having practical and performance driven Digital Marketing knowledge and skills have 70% more chance of succeeding in whichever path they choose. With our #saynototheory policy, Digital Trainee has on offer Digital Marketing Courses in Pune which provide practical training of every digital marketing concept. Industry specialists with 15+ years of working experience in Digital Marketing have exclusively created this course.

What you will experience at Digital Trainee

  • 100% Practical Training

  • 80+ Real Time Projects

  • Agency Style Learning

  • Best Learning Manegment System

  • 200+ Backup Traning Videos

  • Client Work & Reporting

  • Micro Batch Size



In-Class Practical Implementation Training: Content Planning

Working in the Digital Marketing field has its own set of requirements and challenges. During planning, execution, management etc. So, knowing how to put your knowledge to use matters the most, to survive in the competition. Our main USP being in-class practical implementation training, we will prepare you for every role such as a job, entrepreneurship, freelancing etc.

  • Specially designed course curriculum to prepare candidates for employment, entrepreneurship, freelancing and skill development
  • Extensive practical implementation training
  • Industry mapped latest practical knowledge
  • Best in class Learning Management System
  • Personal attentio


Case Study & Assignments Based Learning

Our Digital Marketing Courses in Pune focus on providing practical training which is purely based on industrial case studies and assignments. Case studies give exposure to real-life digital marketing scenarios which help the students acquire analytical and decision making skills. Assignments allow the students to know how much they have understood and grasped. Our on-board expert trainers will let the students know where they need to improve.

  • Real-time case studies based learning
  • Regular assignments that will help enhance your practical knowledge and skills
  • Focus on application of gained knowledge
  • Evaluation and guidance by expert trainers through feedback
  • Training model that would help develop all-round execution skills for various career paths

Portfolio Creation And Evaluation

Portfolio is the reflection of your skills, knowledge and capabilities. Creating the right impression using it is essential at the beginning of your career. Expert trainers at our Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune provide valuable guidance for developing the right kind of portfolio that will have an impact on the recruiters. Build an attractive portfolio that would increase your chances of getting employed, manifolds. Be assured about it.

  • Team of experts with exact knowledge of the latest industry requirements
  • Industry expert guidance for the right portfolio creation
  • Student specific portfolio evaluation and refinements
  • Increased chances of getting the desired job and package
  • Get the desired kick start to your career




“To make any dream come true, you must have the right coach. Choose Digital Trainee and make your digital marketer dream comes true.”

Digital Marketing is an industry for the present and future. First of all, it is a highly inclusive one offering better opportunities for individuals from other domains as well. Digital marketers will continue to be in demand as long as businesses continue to run online. For better and multiple career prospects-avenues, growth, and pay packages, this is the right time to become a Digital Marketer. Join Digital Trainee’s Master in AI & Performance Driven Practical Digital Marketing Courses in Pune – the most in-depth practical oriented program, to acquire and enhance multidimensional skills and capabilities. Become a digital marketing pro in just 2 months and 15 days. Apply Now!










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100% placement assistance is what you get, post completing the Master In AI & Performance Driven Practical Digital Marketing Courses in Pune with Placement.


Make Complex Things Easier Or Analyze Your Competitors Strategy By Mastering 50+ Digital Marketing Tools (Free & Paid)



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Digital Marketing Overview

As the name of the module suggests, trainees will be introduced to the field of Digital Marketing. Get answers to the what’s, why’s and how’s of Digital Marketing, from our expert trainers. It will give you a fair idea about the scope of Digital Marketing, and the various concepts associated with it. This module is designed so as to help you understand the importance, applications and basics of Digital Marketing. Specially for those who are new to this field. This module would have you in a better position to learn and understand the eventual advanced topics.








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