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Asset Tracking System

We increased asset visibility which led to asset utilisation and visibility across the enterprise 


Asset tracking has always represented a challenging task for companies faced with the high costs of equipment and maintenance. Departments are under increased pressure for visibility of the growing pool of valuable mobile tools critical to their business processes. 


  • Keep a check on the loss of assets due to misplacement 
  • Track untimely stock-outs or excess production 
  • Maintain a track record on the progress of assets throughout major processes 
  • Know where to locate assets at all times 
  • Ensure all assets are checked in or out with proper documentation 


We have set up a Desktop RFID Reader that is used to initialise the data of the RFID Tags and associate the device information and Tags information. A fixed RFID reader is settled in the computer room and warehouse entry/exit. It complements the monitoring of loading and unloading, inventory, assets, and use location. It would alarm once the actual location and database location are not corresponding. Handheld RFID reader is used for daily asset inventory and management of asset position movement. It realises asset location tracking. 


With the ATS – Asset Tracking System, we were able to make an impact by: 

    • Asset visibility increased asset utilization and visibility across the enterprise 
    • Asset maintenance real-time maintenance, and reduced inventory cost 
    • Reduced labor over 90% time reduction to track assets over manual process 
    • Increased automation increased business efficiency, better resource planning 
    • Meet compliance with accurate and timely financial, and management reporting 



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