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RFID-based People Tracking

We enabled real-time visibility for all employees /staff /labor for their safety. 


In certain circumstances, it is imperative to keep a track of employees/staff on-site regularly after a specific interval. The site can be within a closed environment or an open one. 

It is necessary to ensure the safety and security of employees/staff and keep a check on unauthorised entries in restricted zones to eliminate accidents. 


In order to improve the business’ productivity and ensure safety at the workplace, it is important to have access to some key information: 

  • To calculate the time for employees/staff at a particular location 
  • To identify the number of employees/staff present at a particular location 
  • To get real-time visibility of a specific zone site 
  • To track movement history and last-seen location 
  • To track movement history and last-seen location 


Our RFID-based People Tracking System is powered by three main components: 

  • Web Application 
  • Active RFID Readers & Antennas 
  • Wearable Active RFID Identification Tags 

With the entire system in place, it helped by: 

  • tracking the movement of every employee in real-time and storing the data on the server 
  • enabling the managers to enter into a real-time map view of any floor in the building through the web application 
  • creating a wide range of reports from any device with an Internet browser 


We made the client’s site a safe place to work by providing long-range tracking, movement monitoring, zone-based visibility with a real-time view. All data, including time and attendance, was recorded to create reports and future references. 



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