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RFID-based Tonner Tracking System

We tracked 25,000+ tonners across 8 plant locations helping our client save 6-man hours per day 


It is a difficult task to track and maintain paperwork for the tonner movement across the plants. The data inconsistencies lead to an impact on Quality audits. Another major problem is the manual intervention and dependency on creating and checking data in SAP. Inventory uncertainty results in a loss in tonner accountancy.


    • Capture the real-time movement of the tonners within the plant stationed areas until it is ready for dispatch. 
    • Document the lifecycle of the tonners starting from unloading, filling, 24 hours stacking to loading 
    • Identify the tonners due for hydraulic treatment. 
    • Reject a tonner for its physical condition if damaged. 
    • Improvise the across plant stock visibility. 
    • Movement accounting for the shipments and transactions for all the activities carried out on the tonners. 


We associated RFID tags against every tonner to monitor the movement of the tonner within the plant. Furthermore, we put an integrated system with an android based UHF RFID Handheld application and a web application with SAP in place. We monitored the overall activities by automating SAP flows using handheld devices and RF systems. A tonner could now be identified at any point in time by scanning the tag associated with it, and it would determine which stage it belongs to. 


With the RFID based Tonner Tracking System, we were able to make an impact by: 

  • Tracking 25,000+ tonners across 8 plant locations 
  • Saving 2-man hours per shift, 6-man hours, per day, per location through automation 
  • Track tonner status and movement at all stages within the plant 
  • Ensuring complete stock visibility 
  • Providing E2E solution with an android mobile application, web application, and integration with SAP 



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