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Visibility and traceability made easier for managing Spools, Inventory, and Processes. 


One of the biggest hurdles lies in tracking each spool in the most challenging environment. From the manufacturing space to the open yard, spools of different sizes and shapes are not tracked and traced in the right way covering the entire Business Operating Cycle from the Job Card Drawing stage to Lay Down Stage at the yard. Spools are often misplaced after painting and are hard to trace. There is a lack of real-time visibility of operations in the yard, and the labels are not readable after painting/galvanizing. 


  • Efficient transitioning at every stage of the spools in the manufacturing stages and its handover system 
  • Effective management of spools from the drawing, cutting, bending, welding, painting, and coating stages 
  • Eliminate manual tracing, management, and verification 
  • Track utilization of storage slots/ areas and increase workforce productivity 


i-TEK has successfully implemented several RFID-based Spool Tracking projects. It begins by attaching an RFID TAG to the spool. After which, they are stored at the desired laydown area. Visits are made to the laydown area with a handheld RFID Reader. One can scan the hard RFID tags applied on the spool by the reader and write the location information. Operators then update the spool information to a system. One can easily find spools by their location in the system after login. 


With Spool Tracking, we were able to make an impact through: 

  • Complete visibility on inventory 
  • Reduction in spool searching time 
  • More effective remnant plate management 
  • More efficient storage and retrieval process – optimized and maximized control 



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