Work in Progress (Paint-shop)

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Warehouse Management with
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Warehouse Management with
RFID-enabled Forklift

Work in Progress (Paint-shop)

Solved the problem of deploying high-temperature RFID tags in paint shop operations to track work in process and automate stock tracking 


Automated Work-In-Process (WIP) Tracking can provide critical manufacturing data. But high temperatures and harsh operating environments have traditionally made it challenging to deploy automatic identification solutions like barcode labels and RFID tags. Customers lacked WIP visibility into its painting processes leading to manual stock checking and sub-optimal employment of its resources. 


  • Deploy high-temperature enduring RFID tags 
  • Track work-in-progress and automate stock tracking 
  • Estimate material purchases based on real-time usage 
  • Gather information on the temporary material stock 
  • 100% WIP visibility, along with automated material tracking 
  • Ability to generate purchase orders based on real-time data 
  • Eliminate manual processes associated with stock checking and inventory management 


We have made it possible for all the readers to remain connected via LAN with the RFID Reader Unit in order to consolidate the data and forward it to the RFID server. The server comprises an application for managing and monitoring the RFID readers, business logic for monitoring dialogues, and the interface to SAP/ERP system. The RFID tags are mounted on product hangers/pallets. The data is forwarded to SAP as the hangers pass through RFID read points at the production line. 


With the Work in Progress (Paint-shop), we were able to make an impact through: 

    • Excellent RFID readability 
    • Real-time accurate production overview 
    • Improved manufacturing planning 
    • Greater inventory control 
    • Cost savings 
    • Increased staff productivity 
    • Automated material tracking 
    • More accurate purchase orders 



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