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Petrocoat Group provides design, Engineering and Project Management consultancy on;

  1. Soil study
  2. Soil stabilization
  3. Building rehabilitation
  4. Interior design
  5. Floor designing
  6. Shut down maintenance and machinery retro-fitting

Petrocoat Group comprehensive wealth of expertise gathered over the years from various large construction and industrial maintenance projects. The team offers a fully integrated approach to specialist design, providing technical advice, careful on-site supervision and application quality, efficiency and safety during new construction, maintenance and renovation projects.


Petrocoat team is made up of experts, highly competent and experienced in identifying and treating cause of design and construction errors, related deterioration and damage. We are an approved applicator for a range of construction chemicals manufacturing companies, entrusted to utilise products to suit dry or wet conditions and meet structural and non-structural requirements for varying applications:

We undertake both general and bespoke concrete repairs on the basis and in consideration of safety, structural status, functionality, environmental protection and contamination, and aesthetic issues. Four perspectives we stringently adhere to when commencing the concrete repair project.

  1. The structure – cause and effect
  2. The owner – repair-required owner criteria
  3. Engineering criteria
  4. The manufacturer – material selection

Petrocoat offers variety of injection repair techniques. Most existing structures are only accessible from one side. Injection repair allows for efficient and effective waterproofing and repair in these scenarios:

  • Epoxy and Cementitious Injection –For repair works matching structural requirements in existing civil designs.
  • Polyurethane InjectionRepair – Used in the areas of waterproofing where flexibility is required and cracks are non-structural.
  • Acrylic Injection –For sub structures such as tunnels of expansion joints, diaphragm walls etc.
  • Soil Stabilisation –In certain instances, Petrocoat diligently choose materials based on the nature of underground geology. Along with manufacturer’s experience-backed recommendation/s in Polyurethane rigid foam injection resins, Polyurethane resins, Acrylate resins, Silicate foam resins and silicate resins etc.
  • Slab Lifting –Offers pour-in-place Urethane foam low viscosity system engineered for concrete lifting, fill voids and strengthening soils.



Based on our sourcing expertise and the goodwill earned from international manufacturers, Gravitas has the distinct advantage of reliability. To efficiently supply products and services to our customers, of high standards and best business practice, in technical consultation with the client.

As a firm supporter of environment well-being and the SDG [Sustainable Development Goals], Gravitas fosters a broad spectrum of earth friendly solutions for construction industries. Gravitas Middle East is well attuned with the core values of its parent company, Petrocoat Group. Ensuring to successfully carry forward its legacy of excellence.

Our trading business caters to the entire Middle East region with construction chemical products and solutions from reputed Manufacturer’s around the world.

Currently we are the authorized distributor for A-Safe & Viacor products in UAE

Projects well executed!




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