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From traffic jams to seamless flow of data for every vehicle entering and exiting premises. 


The increase in the number of vehicles has accelerated the need for the identification of vehicles, especially in situations where their movement needs to be identified and recorded. Typically, details like in-and-out of vehicles are managed by humans. It leads to some problems like clogging at gates causing a jam, chaos amongst the security staff, or even accidents. The problem worsens during peak hours. 

Large IT and manufacturing companies have vehicles passing in and out round the clock. The busy movement of vehicles makes it tedious for the security to check for authorisation for each vehicle. 


  • To automate the direct entry of regular vehicles inside premises. 
  • To allow entry of authorized vehicles only. 
  • To keep a record of all In and Out entries for each vehicle. 
  • To facilitate the search for a particular vehicle and find out if it is inside the premises or not. 


  • RFID Windshield Tags were pasted for vehicles that visit frequently to reduce the time of verification. 
  • Temporary Vehicles were given an RFID tag to be returned at the exit gate. 
  • Entry and exit gates were equipped with RFID Interrogators. In case barriers were installed, they were operated by signals from Interrogators. 


We successfully delivered to the requirements of our client by: 

  • decreasing manpower required to monitor traffic 
  • helping security to watch the movements of vehicles at all tracking points from a single station 
  • avoiding traffic disruption and delays 
  • allowing seamless flow of data from all the tracking points 



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