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RFID-Based Baggage Tracking

We implemented a fast, easy, and reliable solution for baggage tracking through RFID + Barcode technology 


There are four tracking points in the baggage journey; check-in, load, transfer and arrival. The ten-digit bag tag number is mandatory in all cases when recording tracking points. Time is also to be recommended, especially in the case of offline scanning. The challenge occurs in recording the passenger name, PNR, outbound flight number and date, inbound flight number and date, onward flight number and date, security/sequence number, tracking action/event, time and date of recording, station of recording, recording location/device (physical location), and container ID without any hassle at every point. 


  • Aid better management for mishandling of baggage 
  • Run Root Cause Analysis and ensure mishandling scenarios don’t repeat 
  • Ensure fairer pro-rating of mishandled bag charges 
  • Improve on-time departure 
  • Faster mishandled baggage repatriation 
  • Fraud prevention and reduction in the fraud cases 
  • Measurement of baggage performance 
  • Provide a hassle-free and better passenger experience 
  • Provide Data to Airline staff for analysis metrics and Reports History 


As each bag is processed, we make sure to prevent and reduce mishandling by determining custody of every bag during different phases of the baggage chain. In order to increase passenger satisfaction, we concentrate on reducing the possibility of baggage fraud. By speeding up reconciliation and flight readiness for departing flights, we can help measure compliance to SLAs and provide evidence for an automatic interline proration process. 


With the RFID Technology based Baggage Tracking, we were able to make an impact by: 

  • Complying with IATA 753 using the lowest cost solution 
  • Reducing baggage mishandling cost 
  • Enhancing customer experience 
  • Increasing throughput and decreasing delays 
  • Delivering a cost-effective way to track baggage 



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