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The time taken to locate a container brought down to a surprising 5-10 minutes from 1-8 hours. 


The CFS / ICD Container Yards are enormously huge (5-100 acres). Locating a specific spot is next to impossible due to the lack of scientific measurement or proper naming convention. Maintaining a physical inventory of containers in CFS / ICD yards is another challenge as the volume is high and the location/position changes constantly. 

On the other hand, the container handling machines are massive in size. They are expensive to procure and operate. Hence, an efficient & effective container handling process is critical to business. 


Container Freight Station (CFS) / Inland Container Depot (ICD) are the two categories of users of this solution at present. The main business of CFS / ICD is to Receive / Store / Deliver Shipping Containers (40’/20’) on behalf of the end customer/clearing agent. They are also the custodians and they manage hundreds/thousands of containers that need to be accounted for (Inventory). 

    • To improve the Turn Around Time (TAT) of containers within the CFS / ICD by searching and identifying container locations quickly and accurately. 
    • To reduce the difficulties faced due to manual Container Yard Planning. 


We devised a solution for a one-time digital survey of the container yards to place locations on its map. 

The process started with the capturing of a container’s identity at the entrance gate by attaching a customized magnetic RFID Tag mapped to the corresponding unique container number. 

The container handling machines, equipped with RFID Interrogator, collected data on container identity, storage location, and height level in the stack. This data was uploaded to the i-TEK container tracking cloud platform. 

This solution provided an inventory and yard map of stored containers to make searching containers quick, easy, and visual by indicating spots on the yard map. 


With our RFID-based Container Tracking System, now containers can be searched in the yard within 5-10 minutes. Earlier, it would take anywhere between 1 hour and 8 hours. 

We were instrumental in: 

  • Quick retrieval of the required container from the yard using search. 
  • A reduction in the cost by optimising the utilisation of container handling machines.
  •  Better service offered to CFS/ICD customers with improved container TAT 



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