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An E-Lock that works round-the-clock to keep you informed with a battery backup of 10-30 days. 


When a container/logistics vehicle embarks on its journey to arrive at its destination, it doesn’t just head out to cover the distance. It needs to protect itself and the goods it is carrying from threats such as theft, adulteration, etc. 

In case of such unfortunate incidents, the alerts seldom reach the concerned people on time. Typically, the locations where such accidents occur are far off, disconnected and unknown. These issues lead to delays, losses, and customer frustration. 


  • To facilitate real-time location and communication for constant tracking of vehicles and instant alerts. 
  • To ensure that the goods, raw materials, or finished products, reach intact without any tampering. 


We addressed our customer’s business challenges and concerns with a solution that combines an Electronic Lock and Application Software. 

We supported them with 

  • E-Lock devices – standalone units operated by rechargeable batteries. 
  • A geofencing function that raises notifications whenever a container enters or leaves a location. 
  • A web portal with dashboards, reports and several useful features. 
  • A mobile-based application for both iOS and Android OS 
  • Facility to unlock remotely. 


  • We secured the Liquid Tankers, Logistics Vehicles, Containers, Food Vans, etc. with our E-Locks, which could only be operated by an authorised person. They also facilitated real-time tracking through GPS. The powerful battery had a backup for 10-30 days. The system could trigger alerts such as a low battery, lock/unlock, shocks/vibrations, rope cut, geofence cut, etc. 

    Our solution facilitated: 

    • Real-time Monitoring: It constantly sent updates about the property or valuables. 
    • Security: It ensured that the goods were delivered untampered and unharmed. 
    • Improved Delivery: With complete control, the overall productivity was amplified. 



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