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We facilitated secure and on-time delivery of containers around the globe by equipping them with our tamper-proof RFID-enabled E-Seals. 


In India, all export containers were dependent on insecure mechanical seals. There was no method for tracking them electronically. They were easy to duplicate and tamper with. A few exporters enjoyed self-sealing permission at their factories. The rest didn’t have the same privilege for security reasons. Moreover, mechanical sealing involved time-consuming and strenuous documentation processes related to Customs, which led to delays. 


  • To replace the insecure mechanical seals with a smarter and easy-to-use option. 
  • To provide a system that simplifies the time-consuming Customs documentation processes to facilitate timely deliveries. 
  • Secure SSL certified portal.
  • Multiple users per IEC & GSTIN.
  • API available for seamless integration with SAP or any other ERP system.
  • Bulk upload of E-Seal data using MS Excel.
    Online support request (Support ticket tracking).
  • Reordering of E-Seals using portal.
    Blacklisting of damaged E-Seals.
  • User friendly dashboard for quick review of E-Seals ordered, E-Seals consumed, E-Seal scanning status, etc.


We addressed our customer’s business challenges and concerns with a solution that combines an Electronic Seal and Application Software. 

We supported them with 

  • E-Seals – RFID-based Seals that are easy to use, self-sealing, and tamper-proof. 
  • The facility to upload export container details on the web so the same can be fetched by Customs on an HDD device for verification. 
  • A web portal with dashboards, reports, and several useful features. 
  • A hand-held device-based application to read the E-Seals while in the field. 


The containers were secured with our safe and easy-to-use E-seals. They enabled the containers to transmit their vital information as soon as they scanned or passed an RFID reader. The E-Seal is designed to stop working if it is tampered with or damaged. 

Besides providing physical security, the E-Seals also gave RFID security so the containers can be monitored for tampering to ensure they are safely shipped around the world. They are absolutely reliable as they are enabled for one-time usage. 



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