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ETC and FASTag

We have enabled 2000+ lanes for FASTag and support 10+ SI’s for implementing complete hardware setup. 


The long queues at toll booths on national highways were taxing and time consuming. Cash collection had challenges like the danger of looting and thefts, for which armed guards had to be posted 24/7. Handling cash also led to losses due to mistakes in counting and collection. 


  • To provide a cashless, online transaction for payment of toll 
  • To provide a no-contact mode of quick payment  
  • To reduce the manpower required for the task 
  • To reduce errors and chances of theft 


We offered the perfect solution for a hassle-free trip on national highways. It allows FASTag attached vehicles to enter the toll plaza and when it reaches the Pay Axis, the RFID Fastag gets read through the Reader/Antenna and the information gets shared with the local on-premises server. The server then validates the information with the central database of ‘Read RFID Tag/User Account’. A valid tag transaction system allows the vehicle by opening the boom barrier, while an invalid transaction leads to no action. After the transaction is completed, the vehicle smoothly moves out with updated account balance on its FASTag account. 

The system provides for SMS alerts for transactions, online recharge and a web portal for customers .Infotek FASTag are ARAI approved with tamper proof features and special UV protection. We have been supplying to leading banks for more than 21 years. 


With the RFID-based solution for our retail accessories, we were able to make an impact through: 

  • Supplied more than 20 million FASTag so far 
  • Enabled 2000+ Lanes for FASTag 
  • Supporting 10+ SI’s for implementing complete hardware setup 
  • Presently operating at 180 toll plazas across national and state highways. More toll plazas will be brought under the FASTag program in the future. 
  • The implementation has led to a considerable saving in terms of fuel and time. 
  • It provides the convenience of no cash transactions. 



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