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The most complicated and time-consuming operations – from Production receipts, Put-away, Picking, Staging, to Load/Dispatch – were revolutionised with RFID-tagged pallets for speed and ease. 


The standard process for managing finished goods in warehouses involves Production receipts, Put away picking, Staging and Load/Dispatch. Being heavy and huge, they need Material Handling Equipment for movement. For dispatches, the picklist is prepared without the location, which increases their search time. Also, FIFO cannot be applied as the risk of picking the wrong products exists, especially in a multi-products warehouse. 

Common problems faced are: 

  • improper material stacking by the FL Operator 
  • inefficient picking process due to inaccurate location 
  • slow process of Picking, Staging and Loading with high probability of errors 


  • To replace the insecure mechanical seals with a smarter and easy-to-use option. 
  • To speed up the whole process of Pick, Stage, and Load/Unload without errors. 
  • To make FIFO possible with precision. 
  • To enable Product Package Identification along with its location. 


We addressed our customer’s business challenges and concerns with a solution that combines RFID-enabled Forklift, RFID-Tagged Pallets or Product Packs, and RFID-Tagged Locations. 

Our solution enabled the client to: 

  • capture Product Pack ID, and Storage Location ID during the Put-Away process and save the data in a database for future use. 
  • eliminate manual processes by capturing data online 
  • improving the process efficiency with lesser manpower and at a faster pace. 


We increased the throughput in the warehouse processes with accuracy offered by our RFID-driven solution. The otherwise complex and tedious operations like Production receipts, Put-away, Picking, Staging, and Load/Dispatch became easy to manage with RFID tagged pallets. 

Assigning a job to a forklift was simplified and real-time confirmations were enabled for job order execution. 



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