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Multi-level Car Parking System

Achieved quick data transfer plus tracking and monitoring of vehicles without manual intervention for multi-level vehicle parking 


Parking is always a problem, and its search is one of the most critical activities in a city, reaching up to 31% of ground usage in big cities. In regions facing space shortages, approximately 30% of vehicles on the street are looking for parking, and the average time to do so is around 7–8 minutes. 

Multi-level car parking systems face challenges such as validation and authorization at entry and exits. It requires a robust system to collect a great amount of data to create rules as per requirements. Long wait hours lead to massive time and fuel consumption. 


  • To cater to huge crowds, an RFID based multi-level car parking deems necessary, especially in smart cities 
  • To realise the necessity and importance of optimum parking 
  • To manage and enforce parking permit details 
  • To identify and authorise a vehicle without manual intervention 
  • To find a quick solution to vehicle access rights, expiration dates, number of vehicles allowed and time intervals allowed for parking 
  • To control access and parking allocations in Corporate building parking and multi-company business hubs 
  • Management of guest vehicles 


RFID-enabled multi-level car parking reduces congestion, increases revenue and has a pricing system based on the demand during on-peak hours. It reinforces traffic laws by using the integrated i-TEK system. Our RFID technology is used in vehicle parking systems for the management of parking in residential, commercial parking, and shopping areas and parking lots. 

Our system consists of a vehicle counter, sensors, display board, gate controller, RFID tags and RFID reader. Automatic Vehicle Identification is made with an RFID Tag/FASTag and Reader on each checkpoint to record the counting level and the location of the parked vehicle. 


With the RFID enabled Multi-level Car Parking System, we were able to make an impact by: 

  • Improving parking capacity utilisation and revenue collection 
  • Preventing unauthorised access and human intervention 
  • Streamlining parking entry and exit 
  • Eliminating waiting lines 
  • Improving customer satisfaction 
  • Reducing environmental pollution by optimising time and fuel consumption 
  • Enhancing the quality of life of their citizens and the efficiency of parking operations 



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