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Integrated Traffic Management System & Weighbridge Automation

The TAT of vehicles identified in real-time to promptly address the traffic congestion-related issues to improve the efficiency of every activity. 


The gigantic manufacturing plants in sectors such as steel, cement, and chemical have vehicles commuting 24X7 to unload raw materials, etc., and load finished goods. 

It is a humongous task for the security personnel to: 

  • track each vehicle for document verification 
  • schedule vehicles’ entry as per the purpose (unload or load) 
  • inform drivers to follow a specific path 
  • ensure accident-free process and exit of vehicles 

Moreover, each vehicle has to go for Tare/Gross or Gross/Tare weights. It is challenging to ensure that the required weights have been carried out without any manipulation. 


    • To get rid of the chaos and traffic jams at the entry gate of plants 
    • To prevent incidents and accidents. 
    • To validate vehicle documents 
    • To avert manipulations in weighments, possibilities of theft, improper documentation related to Finished Goods dispatches. 


We devised a solution that was divided in three modules: 

  • Parking Plaza (optional) 
  • Gate IN / OUT process 
  • Weighbridge Automation. 

RFID Windshield Tags were placed on vehicles that frequently visit the plant, while the temporary vehicles were handed returnable RFID tags to be given back at the exit gate to reduce the time of verification. 

Most of the checkpoints were equipped with RFID Interrogators. If barriers were installed, they could be operated by signals from Interrogators. 


    • We reduced the dependency on manpower required to monitor traffic. 
    • The solution enabled the security personnel to watch the movements of vehicles at all tracking points from a single station. 
    • Man-less Weighbridge was installed with all support systems. 
    • The data flowed seamlessly from all the tracking points. 



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